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I have written hundreds of poems and enjoy experimenting with different forms and poetry attributes.



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Ken Slesarik


I have written hundreds of poems and enjoy experimenting with different forms and poetry attributes. Here are a few.

KMBT_C654e-20161019150211 Space Poem

Cheering for Cocoa Small Talk-Poets Garage

My Favorite Train Car?
The railroad engine, red and bright?
Is this the one I choose tonight?
I can’t decide, oh what’s the use?
I guess I’ll pick the blue caboose?
I feel a tug within myself
then take the engine off the shelf
and put it back to call a truce
but pick again the blue caboose.
Each night I try without much gain.
I just can’t choose betwixt the twain. 
I can’t decide, I’ve no excuse.
The engine or the blue caboose?
© 2016 by Ken Slesarik
All Rights Reserved

Summer Haiku
By Ken Slesarik

Summer’s just scorchin’,

record highs and misfortune,

non-flammable fur.

Earth Child
(Please Read)

My Dearest Earthling, you’ve nothing to fear.
I come from Mars. I’m glad to be here.
If you should see me, you’ll be just fine
but please keep reading this poem of mine.

No needles for testing your Earthling brain.
No poking, no prodding nor searing pain.
No needless Martian mind control
just poetry to soothe the soul.

I’ve traveled far and friend what I seek
is peace for mankind. Now give this a peek

and remember to—-

                          watch these words closely,

dreamy and light,

                        keep reading, feel mostly

sleepy tonight.

                    The room, it is shifting,

you’re now in a trance,

                                lighter you’re lifting

I won’t make you dance

                              or quack like a duck,

however, my friend

                                you’re all out of luck.

My Dearest Earthling, you’ve plenty to fear.
See these needles? No good tidings here.
Now that you’ve seen me, things won’t be fine.
Thank you for reading this poem of mine.

© 2015 by Ken Slesarik
All Rights Reserved

By Ken Slesarik

Ted the cannibalistic tick

is not so good at arithmetic.

He eats those ticks, yes quite a few,

then loses count before he’s through.

It’s so uncouth to eat your kind,

but don’t tell Ted, he doesn’t mind.

Dear Ted, my pleading don’t ignore,

it’s fine to be a carnivore

but this advice it should suffice,

learn to count and switch to lice.

Tumbling Class
By Ken Slesarik

When gazing through

my looking glass

I saw what seemed

a tumbling class

of ten cartwheeling

cat-like varmints,

dressed in spandex

work-out garments.

As I got close,

I smelled this funk

and sure enough,

a startled skunk

cartwheeled away

to tell the others

but then that band

of furry brothers

asked with such a

happy zeal

if I’d like to learn

to cartwheel?

It’s good for some

but why the fuss?

It’s dangerous

for most of us.


I couldn’t stay

‘cuz I can’t stand

their funky spray.

Cheering for Cocoa

It’s cocoa, it’s cocoa, come on kids let’s go!
December 13th, it’s the cocoa bean show!
It’s cocoa, it’s cocoa, we love you, hello,
on almonds, in pudding, and sweet cookie dough.
It’s cocoa, it’s cocoa, so sip, drink or eat.
Hot cocoa in winter — my favorite treat!
It’s cocoa, it’s cocoa, I’m glad we could meet
and share yummy cocoa. It just can’t be beat!

© 2014 by Ken Slesarik
All Rights Reserved

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