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Customer Quotes

Heroes and Poets

Empowering Kids to Become Strong, Brave, and Kind Through Poetry
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Ken Slesarik

Customer Quotes

Student Letter  Student Letter


Hi Mr. S,

Thank-you so much for the book you gave our staff!  The students and staff really enjoyed your presentations yesterday.  When I asked kids what they liked best they would imitate some of your poems and I thought that was really cute!  Thanks for all of the poetry resources too! 

Gina DeCoste, M.Ed.
Mabel Padgett Elementary 

To Whom it May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Ken Slesarik.  I have known Mr. Slesarik for several years and have been associated with him as a colleague in my capacity as an Instructional Coach for the Deer Valley Unified School District. Mr. Slesarik is a highly respected Special Education teacher at Esperanza Elementary Music Academy in the Deer Valley Unified School District where he is looked upon as not only a compassionate educator but also as an advocate for students and community.

Mr. Slesarik has been the leader in the creation of a highly successful poetry club at Esperanza for elementary students called “Poetry Rocks”. His deep understanding of the process of composing poetry across different forms, best instructional practices for scaffolding student poetry composition and his own successes in publication make him a poetry expert. He possesses and innate understanding of what motivates struggling students and encourages them to take risks in order to reach their potential as writers.

Mr. Slesarik has also been a leader in facilitating the Poetry Night at several of Esperanza’s Family Literacy and Math Nights. Students are consistently engaged during Mr. Slesarik’s instructional time and enjoy attending the after school club he facilitates.  He has put together several programs so that students could showcase their reading of poetry including the Thanksgiving Day Program in the fall of 2012.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Mr. Slesarik for any school program.

Ms. Kerri Lee

Ken Slesarik is very passionate about poetry. He has actively worked to incorporate poetry into the classroom at Esperanza Elementary. This includes leading a student poetry club and coordinating an electronic poetry book for our campus. Ken is continually communicating with the staff at Esperanza Elementary by providing tips and tricks to help teachers educate our students on poetry. He also enjoys sharing his poems with the staff and students. Ken’s strong desire to involve others in poetry is apparent.

Renee Adams,
Esperanza Elementary School

I highly recommend Ken Slesarik’s poems for any classroom teacher or parent.  Ken’s poems are engaging to students because of their simplicity and humor.  Ken writes poems on a variety of topics and using different styles of poetry.  Many of Ken’s poems remind me of the style of poetry that Shel Silverstein, a favorite poet for many classroom teachers, uses. I can easily see how Ken is an asset to any school he visits. 

Eileen Nguyen, 
ELL Teacher, Phoenix Arizona 

Ken is a wonderful poet. He truly engaged my second grade class. He makes poetry fun. I would highly recommend him. My students showed such an interest in poetry after listening to him. He interacts with students in such a caring and dynamic way that brings out the best in them.

Barbara Granado Teacher
Village Meadows Elementary School

My 3rd grade students were fascinated by Ken Slesarik’s enthusiasm for poetry. Even the reluctant writers were captivated as he not only taught them writing skills but life lessons as well.

 Ann Spain
Bellair Elementary 

Mr. Slesarik came to our class and taught my students poetry lessons. It was a great experience with humor, fun and learning. The enthusiasm and love Ken has for poetry is commendable and we will definitely have him back.

Karen Herman
Sunrise Elementary
2nd Grade Teacher

Ken Slesarik brings poetry alive for students!  When Ken told me he wanted to start an after school poetry club at Esperanza, I encouraged him to go for it. I thought it was an exciting idea, but worried students would not be interested.  Well, I was wrong.  Over the years, students’ and staff’s interest in poetry and participation in the Poetry Rocks! Club grew and grew!  Our Poetry Rocks! students, as well as Ken, began presenting their originally written poetry at school-wide assemblies and parent/community events.  These presentations were very well received.  Ken was a resource to his colleagues, providing tips for writing poetry and modeling lessons for writing poetry.  I highly recommend Ken visit your school to inspire a love of poetry in your students!

Denise McGloughlin
Esperanza Music Academy
Principal, 2008-2013

At first I was skeptical and wondering if Ken and his poetry could keep the full attention of my active kindergarten students. I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. Ken’s poetry and playful nature were a big hit with my students and they were still talking about Mr. “S” for weeks and months after his visit.

Janet Proper
Park Meadows Elementary School

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